Freshly Squeezed

WHEN: 21-07-2016

Freshly Squeezed have built up a reputation for outstanding musicianship, infectious and irrepressible energetic performances and blowing the socks off their audiences! They consist of half a teacup of bass, a pound of fat back drums, four tablespoons of boiling Memphis guitars, a half a pint of horns sprinkled with their tasty soulful singer and energetic scratch DJ. FS perform originals, some popular covers that you may know and some less well known ones all with their individual added flavour (No preservatives). Now featuring new female vocalist, Elani for a Fresh set exclusively at 100 Wardour St.

**Late Night Live Show** – Freshly Squeezed 10:00pm-11:30pm

*** DJ Sam Young 11:30pm until 3am

To book a table for dinner please email or call 0207 314 4000.