The Clumsies at 100 Wardour St

WHEN: 01-01-1970


Athens’ multi-award winning bar, The Clumsies, has taken Greece, New York and the rest of the world by storm and is now touching down in London town between Monday 3rd – Friday 7th June 2019.

Ranked by the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards as the world’s 7th best bar, The Clumsies has built itself an established international reputation which continues to shake up the course of conventional cocktail mixology. Join them in the Bar & Lounge as they bring Grecian favourites like baklava and green olives to life in a whole new (drinkable) way.

Whilst some may consider drinks as complementary accompaniments to meals, The Clumsies creators Vassilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis think otherwise. By fusing together the worlds of traditional food, drink and aspects of Greek culture, The Clumsies is shattering expectations and serving up a constant array of ever-changing cocktails which both dazzle and delight. Get ready to see your favorite household spirits married to gorgeous Grecian ingredients ranging from Beurre Noisette and Baklava to Spinach and Green Olive in this bespoke The Clumsies x 100 Wardour St menu.

Fortified Baklava Wine (sweet and sour)

Mead, Aged Rum, Beurre Noisette and Baklava Spices.

Cinema Paradiso (sweet)

Vodka, Cola, PopCorn and Jasmine Oil

Eau De Vie Fashioned (sweet)

Cognac, Spiced Rum, Fermented Banana and Sour Red Grape.

Shades of Grey (sweet and sour)

White Rum, Almond, Tepache Syrup, Coal and Mint.

Popeye & Olive (sweet and sour)

Gin, Mint, Green Apple, Green Olive and Bamboo.

These cocktails will be available alongside the recently launched Creative Disorder menu in the at the 100 Wardour St Bar & Lounge. Joint creator of The Clumsies, Vassilis Kyritsis – “We are so excited to be back in London and share some of our Clumsy Cocktails in collaboration with Wardour St.”

Walk ins are welcome, to book a table to dine email or call 0207 314 4000