Creative Disorder: Cocktail Menu at 100 Wardour St

WHEN: 01-01-1970

From the magic of Madonna to the dazzling delusion of Dali and wonder of Warhol, 100 Wardour St celebrates the innovation, imagination and inner turmoil of the world’s finest creative figures with a brand new cocktail menu.

From the fearlessness of Frida Kahlo to the mystique of Marilyn Monroe and the vision of Van Gogh, this collection of fragmented first class cocktails honours the gamechangers whose creative disorders produced works of sublime beauty.

Try ‘Like a Virgin’ combines a raucous blend of vodka, refreshing limoncello, floral camomille Quaglia, lime, strawberry puree and Fever Tree lemonade which
will make you feel oh so shiny and new.

In true temperamental Jackson Pollock expression, ‘Splash It’ flings together the short sweet taste of bourbon, passionfruit, apple and vanilla into a warming masterpiece whilst ‘Cypress’ fuses the powerful punches of genever, benedictine, absinthe with a refreshing splash of pineapple juice in the essence of Vincent Van Gogh.