Paradiso at 100 Wardour St

WHEN: 01-01-1970

This March, two of the world’s best bars are popping up exclusively in Soho for one week
only. Established in Barcelona, both Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky have become crowning
examples of the city’s theatricality and innovation; and now, they’re heading to London for a limited pop-up at 100 Wardour St and The Den.

Normally situated in a Pastrami Bar and hidden behind the door of a refrigerator, Paradiso is far more than a standard speakeasy bar and has been named #20 in the World’s 50 Best Bars. Created by Giacomo Giannotti, Paradiso is better considered as a Broadway show which sees transformations, props, and theatricality all incorporated into a single cocktail.
From Tuesday 3rd March – Friday 6th March 2020, Paradiso will be serving up one of a kind
cocktails from a specially curated menu in the 100 Wardour St Lounge bar.

Next door at The Den, Dr Stravinsky who are named as #25 in the World’s 50 Best Bars will be fusing together homemade alcohols with local produce to deliver elaborate and sustainable concoctions from Thursday 5th – Sunday 8th March.

Dr Stravinsky combines artisianial produce with a self sufficient sourcing to create ornate, memorable drinks that have earnt the bar a world renowned reputation.